Coconut Almond Breakfast Quinoa Porridge

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This creamy breakfast quinoa porridge is made with rich coconut milk, crunchy almonds, and goes perfect with juicy summer berries! A healthy breakfast that’s naturally vegan and gluten-free!

Quinoa is some pretty versatile stuff! I’ve used it in granola, as a meat substitute, and vegan stuffing, among other things!

But quinoa for breakfast? OH YES! I’m not sure when this inspiration hit me. Maybe I was eating a bowl of oatmeal. Maybe some quinoa muffins. In any event, it was clear that I had to cook some quinoa in coconut milk, and a slightly sweet, berry topped summer breakfast seemed the ideal format. I was so right on that one.

This breakfast quinoa is as cozy and comforting as a bowl of oatmeal, but packs a bit more protein, and frankly, it keeps me satisfied longer.

Let’s talk about how it’s made!

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  • Coconut Almond Breakfast Quinoa Porridge

What You’ll Need

  • Quinoa. Any color works! I used white quinoa in the photos, but black or red are just fine as well.
  • Water.
  • Coconut milk. Use the canned variety, and preferably full-fat, though light works if you’d prefer to cut the fat/calorie content of your quinoa porridge.
  • Maple syrup. You can use another liquid sweetener, like agave, if you prefer.
  • Almonds. Sliced or slivered almonds work best.
  • Shredded coconut.
  • Non-dairy milk. Use a variety other than coconut, and make sure it’s unsweetened and unflavored.
  • Salt.
  • Fresh berries. These are for serving/garnishing. Feel free to substitute another type of fruit!

How to Make Breakfast Quinoa

The following is a detailed photo tutorial on how to make this dish. Scroll all the way down if you’d like to skip right to the recipe!

  • Rinse your quinoa well under cold running water. This removes the bitter coating found on the exterior of the seeds. Note: You can skip this step if your quinoa packaging indicates that it’s pre-rinsed.
  • Add the quinoa to a saucepan with water and coconut milk. Heat it up and simmer until the quinoa is fully cooked, giving it a stir periodically.
  • Take the pot off of heat and let it sit for a few minutes to thicken up.
  • Stir in the maple syrup, coconut, almonds and almond milk. Season your porridge with salt to taste.
  • Divide into bowls and top with berries. Dig in!

Leftovers & Storage

Leftover breakfast quinoa will keep in a sealed container in the fridge for about 3 days. It might thicken up during storage, so add more milk if needed.

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Coconut Almond Breakfast Quinoa Porridge

This creamy vegan breakfast quinoa porridge has is made with rich coconut milk, a touch of sweetness and goes great with juicy berries! CourseBreakfast CuisineAmerican Prep Time 10 minutes Cook Time 15 minutes Total Time 25 minutes Servings 3 -4 Calories 519 kcal Author Alissa


  • 1cupquinoa
  • 1cupwater
  • 1cupcoconut milk
  • 2tablespoonsmaple syrup
  • ½cupchopped or slivered almonds
  • ½cupshredded coconut
  • Almond milk,or other non-dairy milk
  • Salt,to taste
  • Fresh berries,for serving


  1. Rinse quinoa well under cold water for at least two minutes.
  2. Place in medium saucepan with water and coconut milk.
  3. Bring to light boil, stir, cover, lower heat, and simmer for fifteen minutes.
  4. Remove from heat and allow to sit for five minutes.
  5. Add maple syrup, almonds, coconut and almond milk to desired creaminess. Season with salt to taste.

  6. Spoon into bowls and top with berries.

Nutrition FactsCoconut Almond Breakfast Quinoa PorridgeAmount Per Serving (1.5 cups (⅓ of recipe))Calories 519Calories from Fat 275% Daily Value*Fat 30.5g47%Saturated Fat 17.9g90%Sodium 113mg5%Potassium 673mg19%Carbohydrates 53.1g18%Fiber 7.7g31%Sugar 11.3g13%Protein 13.2g26%Calcium 91mg9%Iron 5mg28%* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.« Baked Peanut Tofu Sandwiches with Sriracha MayoCreamy Vegan Tomato Basil Pasta »

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