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These tofu burgers are coated in sesame seeds, grilled to perfection, and topped with spicy Korean barbecue sauce and a dollop of kimchi.

I’m usually walking around looking for excuses to eat kimchi. I mean, I know I could just grab a fork and eat it out of the jar and all, but it’s way more fun to do cool stuff with it!

So, tofu burgers! Why haven’t I put kimchi on a burger until now? Probably because it wasn’t until recently that I got inspired to make the perfect burger vehicle for kimchi. I made these noodles a couple months back, and they were knock-your-socks-off good! But, more important that the noodles, were the meatballs. Equally knock-your-socks-off good. I think maybe it was the sauce covering both the noodles and the meatballs that created the perfect storm of spicy deliciousness.

The meatballs were made of tofu, which, as I already knew, is a great main ingredient for vegan meatballs. But I think it worked particularly well with spicy Korean flavors, so I went and made a burger using the same basic formula as the meatballs. This worked out great because I could also cover the burger with spicy gochujang sauce, but also because kimchi makes a great burger topping. Double score!

Last time I posted a kimchi recipe I got a bunch of questions and comments about whether or not kimchi is vegan. Read the ingredients! Some brands are vegan, some contain fishy stuff. I’m finding vegan kimchi pretty easy to find as of late, so hopefully it won’t be too tough for you. For this batch of burgers I used Mother In Law’s brand, which makes a vegan blend. The jar actually says “vegan” on it, so that makes me happy. It’s also nice and spicy.

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