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Once again I find myself posting a candy recipe that seems almost too easy to call a recipe. But then, I was too excited about these things not to make them into a blog post.

I had picked up a bag of candied ginger at a local spice shop a few weeks back. I spotted it and figured it’d be a good thing to have around, as it’d surely inspire me to make something for this blog (that’s actually how quite a bit of my recipes come about). It hit me one evening as I was headed for bed. I figured rather than jot the idea on a scrap of paper or text message it to myself (also things that happen regularly), I’d just head on into the kitchen and get it done right then and there. Five minutes later they were chilling in the fridge, awaiting a taste test, which I did deem worthy enough to stay up for on that particular evening.

Chocolate and ginger is an amazing combination. I believe hot peppers and chocolate are what all the kids are into these days. It’s got nothing on ginger and chocolate. The peanuts though, that’s what takes these little guys to perfection. Salt, crunch and…just plain old peanut flavor. So much yum.

I’m not done with these things for the year. There’s a few people out there that’ll probably be looking forward to something sweet from my kitchen. So far everything sweet to spring forth from my kitchen this holiday season has gone right into my or my husband’s face. A three ingredient ten minute holiday confection should solve my last minute gift issues.

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Chocolate Covered Candied Ginger Peanut Clusters

These holiday gift-worthy candies are made with clusters of chocolate covered crunchy roasted peanuts and spicy candied ginger. CourseDessert CuisineAmerican Prep Time 10 minutes Total Time 10 minutes Servings 12 Author Alissa


  • 1cupvegan chocolate chips
  • ½cupcandied gingercut into ½ inch pieces
  • ½cuproasted and salted peanuts


  1. Line a large plate with parchment paper.
  2. Melt chocolate chips on stovetop or by microwaving in thirty second intervals, stirring between intervals.
  3. Stir ginger and peanuts into melted chocolate. Drop mixture by heaping tablespoonfuls onto parchment. You should get about a dozen clusters.
  4. Refrigerate until chocolate solidifies, about 30 minutes.

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My favorite holiday goodie is squash. It’s a tie between kabocha squash and pumpkin. I love baking dinners and sweet treats with these!


  • My favorite holiday goodie is a warm cup of hot cocoa. Nothing’s better than curling up with a book and sipping some hot cocoa during the cold holiday months.


  • My favorite treat is anyting with chocolate


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